A new kitten becomes a grasshopper.

In Mr. Meowgi’s school of Killer Kittens, the headmaster Meowgi scowls at his two protegees practicing Kung Fu in the yard outside the window.

His eldest pupil and only black belt, Karate, was surprisingly promising. He hadn’t thought much of him when they had first met, but maybe Meowgi was as good a teacher as he thought he was.

But this new one, he hates to say, has promise too. He was disgusted at the thought of training a new student, but the way he handled a toy mouse, with such vicious curiosity, at such a young age of only 3 weeks old, it reminded Meowgi of himself.

Samurai successfully snuck up on Karate, scaring his elder, a cat that outweighed him by 11 lbs. When Samurai looked up at Mr. Meowgi up in the window, Mr. Meowgi turned his back to them.

What the young kitten couldn’t see was a single tear and the hint of a smile on Mr. Meowgi’s face.

Former Court Wizard to the Once and Beloved King Ogmios